Benjamin Ethal
Unofficial Art
Franchise Nightfall
Voiced By N/A
Benjamin Ethal is a villain from the Nightfall universe. In Toshiko Crash-Up, he is a background character. 

In Nightfall: Hell on Earth, he is a college professor, driven to murder by the death of his daughter. Saved from death row by a mysterious man called Lucifer, he joins his ex-college, Guy Tesslar, and start a second civil war. Later in the game, he forms a toxin that can put people into sleep paralysis, which is how his daughter died.

Connections to Crash-UpEdit

  • Ethal appears as a background character and stage hazard in Museum. He floods the stage with a vaporous version of his toxin, causing the players to see him as a giant demonic version of himself. However, he will soon be devoured by Ernie the Pest (A Jack the Reaper character) and the toxin will wear off.
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