Boss Battle
Unofficial Art
Used By Ollie
Duration 12 Seconds
Boss Battle is Ollie's Crash-Attack that he uses in Toshiko Crash-Up. It is inspired by an Origin player's ability to create bosses for their games. Ollie brings up his Magic Wrench Menu and heads to the Hostile Creature section before pressing the Randomize button. This causes him to create one of three giant monsters: a Giant Snail, a Giant Bee, or a Dragon. The Giant Bee is the most likely monster, the Giant Snail is the second most likely, and the Dragon is the rarest.

Each monster has its own moveset. The Giant Bee attacks with its stinger. The Giant Snail has no attacks and can only kill opponents by running over them. The Dragon can attack with its claws, horns, and fire breath.


Giant BeeEdit

  • Stinger Rush (Red)
  • Stinger Shot (Yellow)
  • Stinger Stab (Green)


  • Claw Uppercut (Red)
  • Horn Charge (Yellow)
  • Fire Breath (Green)
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