Castle Siege
Unofficial Art
Primary Franchise Trinity
Secondary Franchise Jack the Reaper
Castle Siege is a stage in Toshiko Crash-Up that is based on Trinity and Jack the Reaper.

There is an achievement available if Elizabeth Bennett uses her Crash-Attack, Holy Blade, on this stage. The achievement is "God's Warrior".

Stage DescriptionEdit

The stage is set on the castle wall of King Hylan's castle. The stage layout consists of a grounded platform which slants slightly downwards on the left side. There is a tower barrier on the left side of the stage, and there is a thin balcony-like platform jutting out of it. There is also a thin floating platform on the right side of the stage. There is only one hazard in this phase: Nantres' army. There are soldiers in the background who will fire their cannons at the playing field. The impact spot of the cannonballs is signified by a black aura that spawns. Any player hit by the explosion is forced into an eject state.

Sometime during the match, a glowing green portal appears in the background. Samhain, the main antagonist of Jack the Reaper, emerges through the portal. He now serves as the stage hazard for the rest of the fight. Samhain has two main attacks: a hand sweep and ghastly breath. When Samhain raises his left hand, he's about to perform the hand sweep. When Samhain takes a deep breath, he's about to breathe a large green cloud of gas into the center of the stage. Eventually, Samhain falls victim to the firepower of Nantres' army, causing him to disappear through a portal and bring the army with him.

Characters Appearing in StageEdit


  • The stage's concept is based off one of the game's most intense scenes, wherein King Hylan's castle is being attacked by Nantres' barbarian army.
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