Stage-Related Easter EggsEdit

Petunia ForestEdit

  • If Tawnya uses her Crash-Attack, Nature Spirit, on Petunia Forest, Snaptrap will be seen strapped to the trees in the background with vines.

West WingEdit

  • The Blue Man from St. Abraham can be seen in a jail cell in the background, under a flickering light.


  • Several Dragonflies can be seen flying in the background. The Greek Bust will also taunt and mock the fighters.

Bipolar ExpressEdit

  • King Streetracer's castle can be seen in the background just before the stage mash-up occurs.

Obalon HQEdit

  • If Tawnya uses her Crash-Attack, Nature Spirit, on Obalon HQ, Party Pete can be seen hanging from his wrists from the vines.


  • Jon and Rig can be seen sparring on the second floor of the building before The Unstable appears.

Alternate Color-Related Easter EggsEdit

Goop: ShapeshifterEdit

  • The orange swap is a reference to Marco the Elder.
  • The red swap is a reference to Captain Grum.
  • The pink swap is a reference to Princess Blossom

Goop: Powerball GoopEdit

  • The green and red swap is a reference to Bing's uniform.
  • The orange and green swap is a reference to Draclo's uniform.
  • The yellow and red swap is a reference to King Grex's uniform.

Jack and Spooks: Reaper-In-TrainingEdit

  • The green and brown swap is a reference to Shaggy Rogers, from the paranormal-themed Scooby Doo.

Jack and Spooks: Reaper RobesEdit

  • The white color swap for the Reaper Robes is a reference to the Onryo from Jack II: Turning Japanese.

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