Emperor Kranos
Voiced By Justin Wolfe
Franchise Goop's World
Appears In Toshiko Crash-Up
Debut Bing: Powered-Up
Rival Duke of Zorn
Minion Shockbot
"Sometimes, it pays to be made of metal! When you're made of metal, you can't die!"
—Silas Kranos

Emperor Silas Kranos is the main antagonist and villain of Bing: Powered-Up and is a playable character in Toshiko Crash-Up. His in-game rival is Duke of Zorn. He is voiced by Justin Wolfe.



Once a megalomaniacal warlord who ruled the planet Fellius, Kranos was eaten by a Fellian Rock Worm and only his brain survived. After his troops provided his brain with a robotic, water-filled body, Kranos vowed to avenge his body. Using a large arsenal of weapons including Lefty and Rightey (his twin swords), a Shock Spear, and a Scorch Hammer, Kranos takes over labratories on his search for the perfect tools for his doomsday device.


  • Bing: Powered-Up
  • Goop GP



Kranos's story opens as a group of Shockbots are rummaging through a labratory. They ransack the lab, destroying quite a few large machines and pieces of equipment. Suddenly, a large door blasts open, revealing Silas Kranos. Kranos slices through several walls with his laser swords. He orders his Shockbots to find a rod of plutonium. Kranos senses something and blows up a wall, which seems to be the source of the disturbance.


Name: Emperor Kranos

Reason: As Emperor Kranos searches for tools, he comes across the Duke of Zorn. The Duke asks who Kranos is and what he is doing. Silas says he's just an emperor looking for a few good men made of metal. The Duke assumes that Kranos is referring to his Zone Soldiers. He tells the emperor that the soldiers work for him. Silas says he'll get what he needs, if it's the last thing he does.

Connection: Both Emperor Kranos and Duke of Zorn are sword-using characters that are referred to by terms of royalty. They both command large armies of robotic henchman; Kranos's Shockbots and the Duke's Zone Soldiers.


After defeating The Great Mighty Spiral, Kranos comes across a rod of plutonium, only to immediately eat it, only having wanted it for food. He then creates a large cloud of electricity that short-circuits the entire labratory. As the lights go out, Silas's eyes begin glowing yellow as he laughs maniacally.


For information on Kranos's gameplay and moveset, click here to view the Emperor Kranos Gameplay page.

Quotes and TauntsEdit


  • Loco Robo: Laughs in a kooky maniacal way.
  • Laser Swords: Quickly sheathes and unsheathes his sword.
  • Laser Blade Finesse: Spins Lefty and Rightey around his fingers.


  • When Selected:
    • "Time for the slaughter!"
    • evil laugh*
    • "Face my laser-y fury!
  • Item Pick-Up:
    • "Tastes just like plutonium!"
    • "Perfect supply drop!"
    • "Nice toys!"
    • "Gifts for me?"
    • "This is why we can't have nice things!"
    • "You asked for this!"
    • "Hmm?"
    • "Sometimes, a man craves plutonium."
  • Successful KO:
    • "Slicin' and dicin'!"
    • "Take some o' that!"
    • "And that!"
    • "There's more lasers where that came from!"
    • "Feel the pain!"
    • "You made me angry!"
    • "I'm finished with you!"
    • "It pays to be made of metal!"
  • Respawn:
    • "You dare mess with Silas!"
    • "I'm getting sick of this!"
    • "You're not nice!"
    • "I really wish you hadn't done that!"
    • "This is about to get ugly!"
    • "Time for beddy-bye!"
    • "I shall mourn you."
    • "It's a stab-or-be-stabbed world."
  • Using Kranos Cannon:
  • evil laugh*

Intros and OutrosEdit


  • I Feel Angry!: Silas unsheathes his Laser Swords and turns around.
  • Slice N' Dice: Silas performs an impression display of swordsmanship.
  • Falling Swordsman: Silas falls from the sky, stabbing the ground.
  • Blazing Hammer: Silas slams the Scorch Hammer on the ground in front of him.

Winning ScreenEdit

  • Cy-Larious: Silas falls backwards, laughing maniacally.
  • Follow Me, Punk: Silas bends his finger in a "Come over here" fashion.
  • Lots O' Fun: Silas lies on the ground like a model on the hood of a car.
  • Shockbot Rising: Silas rises up on a group of Shockbots.

Losing ScreenEdit

  • If using Cy-Larios: Silas throws his Shock Spear on the ground in anger.
  • If using Follow Me, Punk: Silas short-circuits.
  • If using Lots O' Fun: Silas gets crushed by a large piston.
  • If using Shockbot Rising: Silas stabs his Laser Swords into the ground.

Result ScreenEdit

  • Win: Silas crosses his arms and laughs maniacally.
  • Lose: Silas's dome is cracked and his eyes are out.

Theme MusicEdit



Crazed EmperorEdit

The default appearance of Emperor Kranos.

  • His default appearance, based on his appearance from Bing: Powered-Up. Blue highlights.
  • Black highlights.
  • Red highlights.
  • Yellow highlights.

Dark KranosEdit

Silas takes on the appearance of his Goop GP self. This costume is unlocked at Level 10.

  • His default appearance, based on his appearance from Goop GP. Purple cape and white emblem.
  • Blue cape and red emblem.
  • Yellow cape and purple emblem.
  • Green cape and red emblem.

Shockbot KranosEdit

Silas wears a costume inspired by his Shockbot henchman. This costume is unlocked at Level 25.

  • His default appearance, inspired by his Shockbot henchman. Cyan plasma.
  • Orange plasma.
  • Yellow plasma.
  • Red plasma.


  • In the opening cinematic, Silas's brain juice and eyes are highlighted in cyan.
  • Emperor Kranos has the most attacks of any characters.
  • Emperor Kranos is the third villainous character to be revealed.
  • The orange, yellow, and red palette swaps of his Shockbot Kranos costume may be references to the Speed Shockbot, Elite Shockbot, and Fiery Shockbot enemies, respectively.
Playable Characters


  • Portrait
  • Dark Kranos
  • Shockbot Kranos

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