Great Arch
Unofficial Art
Primary Franchise Nightfall
Secondary Franchise Stay Tooned
Great Arch is a stage in Toshiko Crash-Up that is based on Nightfall and Stay Tooned.

There is an achievement available if Gabriel uses his Crash-Attack, Wolf Mode, on this stage. The achievement is "Satanic".

Stage DescriptionEdit

The stage begins at the Titanium Casino, with the Great Arch visible in the background. At the bottom of the casino is a large tanker, and there is a bank on the left of it which can also be used as a platform. As well as the Sign of the Titanium Casino, making four platforms. Malpractice stands near the tanker, and will cause damage if a player is knocked into him. About 30 seconds into the match, Malpractice appears and will rip through the tanker, causing it to explode and knock all the players to the Great Arch. The arch is a flat stage, with the bases of the arch's legs being the only platforms. Lucifer can be seen in the background, conjuring the dead, as well is the Mississippi River. Lucifer will sometimes pause his ritual to shoot Hellfire at the players.

Sometime during the match, Lucifer will mess up and conjure up Chuckles the Destroyer from Stay Tooned. Chuckles will devour Lucifer and begin to attack the player. Chuckles has two attacks: an energy blast and a bite attack. The energy blast is fired upwards, where it explodes and causes several energy orbs to rain from the sky. Chuckles' bite attack always strikes in the exact center of the stage. Eventually, a large number of thorn-covered vines emerge from Chuckles' mouth as Lucifer destroys Chuckles from the inside. Chuckles explodes, leaving an unconscious Lucifer lying on the ground.

Characters Appearing in StageEdit

  • Malpractice (Nightfall)
  • Lucifer (Nightfall)
  • Chuckles (Stay Tooned)
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