Justin Wolfe
Name Justin Wolfe
Role CEO of Toshiko Games, Lead Designer, Voice Actor
Justin Wolfe is the CEO and co-founder of Toshiko Games and the lead designer of Toshiko Crash-Up. He also provides the voices of King Grex and Emperor Kranos.

Voice TalentsEdit

  • King Grex (Goop's World)
  • Emperor Kranos (Goop's World)
  • Count Twitchell (Goop's World)
  • Crocobear (Stay Tooned)
  • Jasper (Stay Tooned)
  • Stabbo the Clown (St. Abraham)
  • Whalor (Spiffy)
Voice Actors
Drew Benner: Skin Daddy
Mark Bolding: Nero Crescent
Buddy Thompson: Lee Hatake
Justin Wolfe: King Grex | Emperor Kranos

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