Kaiju Karnage
Unofficial Logo
Platform PC
Genre Fighting
Developer Toshiko Games
Designer Justin Wolfe
Number of Games 1
Kaiju Karnage!!! is a 3D-fighting game developed by Toshiko Games. It revolves around 20 enormous kaiju that spend their time fighting eachother in various cities around the globe.

Kaiju Karnage!!! GamesEdit

  • Kaiju Karnage!!!

Connections to Toshiko Crash-UpEdit

Playable KaijuEdit

  1. Goragorall
  2. Pastryor
  3. Horneeto
  4. Croctopus
  5. Crustacea
  6. Gigamech
  7. Diamondore
  8. Frostbite
  9. Heatrix
  10. Trapior
  11. Knightmare
  12. Bud-Dy
  13. Armordillo
  14. Floodmon
  15. Minorax
  16. Hornculus
  17. Cacthorn
  18. Tiki Taki
  19. Florathen
  20. Truckasaurus Rex


  • Kaiju Karnage!!! is one of three represented franchises that has no playable character, the others being Montium and V.

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