Unofficial Art
Franchise Nightfall
Voiced By N/A
Malpractice is a villain from the Nightfall universe. In Toshiko Crash-Up, he appears as a background character.

In Nightfall: Hell on Earth he is a cloning experiment gone wrong. Several different militaries used him as a weapon, until he was eventually used as a bodyguard for important people. During the events of Nightfall, he is contacted by Benjamin Ethal to take down Gabriel Lupus, since nobody else could. But, unlike the others who have tried, Malpractice succeeded.

Connections to Crash-UpEdit

  • Malpractice appears in the first phase of the stage Great Arch. At first, he will do nothing, unless a player is thrown or knocked into him. Thirty seconds into the match, he will throw a large tanker at the casino, causing it to explode and knock the players into the background, to the second phase of the stage.
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