Unofficial Art
Primary Franchise Spiffy (Franchise)
Secondary Franchise Color-Robo (Franchise)
Partyopolis is a stage in Toshiko Crash-Up that is based on Spiffy and Color-Robo.

There is an achievement available if Color-Robo uses his Crash-Attack, Magenta, on this stage. The achievement is "Monochromatic Mess".

Stage DescriptionEdit

The stage is set on the rooftops of Partyopolis, in the midst of a ghost attack. The stage consists of a grounded platform that dips downward in the center. There are an assortment of floating platforms as well; one above the dip in the stage and one in the top left of the stage. There is also a floating car that occasionally appears in the right center, only to fly away a few seconds later. The main hazard of the stage is Smolgor, Leader of the Spooky Monsters. Smolgor will occasionally create some black orbs. These orbs will automatically home in on nearby players, poisoning them.

Sometime during the match, Smolgor will fly off to attack some other part of the city. The tube that makes up the grounded platform will then become filled with paint and the Color Colossus will suddenly drop down from the top of the stage. The enormous robot will attack with laser beams that move across the stage and missiles. The missiles' impact spots can be determined via a targeting reticle that appears on the screen. Eventually, Smolgor appears and possesses the Color Colossus, causing it to destroy itself.

Characters Appearing in StageEdit

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