Stages in Toshiko Crash-Up all have a crossover/fusion element in which two or more series under the Toshiko brand come together to make a new stage with new hazards. Stages may also have these hazards turned off. There are 20 stages in total, all of them available from the start.


Stage Primary IP Secondary IP
Petunia Forest Goop's World Zoo Palace
Mineshaft Dead of Night St. Abraham
Partyopolis Spiffy Color-Robo
Floating Game.exe Brawl Legends
Stormrock City Klio Kaiju Karnage!!!
West Wing St. Abraham Game.exe
Zoo Zoo Palace Redeem
Obalon HQ Origin Spiffy
Mt. Sanskrit Redeem Trinity
Chroma Industries Color-Robo Origin
Castle Siege Trinity Jack the Reaper
Museum Jack the Reaper Nightfall
Bipolar Express Stay Tooned Montium
Cojjhev \V/ Goop's World
Great Arch Nightfall Stay Tooned
Dojo Brawl Legends Klio


Bipolar Express · Castle Siege · Chroma Industries · Cojjhev · Dojo · Floating · Great Arch · Mineshaft · Mt. Sanskrit · Museum · Obalon HQ · Partyopolis · Petunia Forest · Stormrock City · West Wing · Zoo

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