Stormrock City
Unofficial Art
Primary Franchise Klio (Franchise)
Secondary Franchise Kaiju Karnage!!!
Stormrock City is a stage in Toshiko Crash-Up that is based on Klio and Kaiju Karnage!!!.

There is an achievement available if Klio uses his Crash-Attack, Zone Master, on this stage. The achievement is "Reincarnation".

Stage DescriptionEdit

The stage is set on a bridge between two towers. The bridge extends from the bottom of the left tower to the center of the stage. There is a vent in the bottom right of the stage that occasionally fires Dark Zone energy from it. This Dark Zone energy will damage any opponent caught in it. There is also a balcony in the top right of the stage. There is also a floating platform in the center of the stage. Finally there is a vent on the left side of the bridge near the wall. The two hazards are the Dark Zone vents and the Zone Turrets, mechanical turrets that channel Zone energy. These will occasionally fire blasts onto either the bridge or the balcony.

Sometime during the match, a warning siren will blare, alerting the city of the prescence of two large creatures. These creatures turn out to be Goragorall and Pastryor, who begin to cause havoc in the background of the stage, destroying the city. They eventually get into a fight as the Zone Turrets begin to turn their fire upon the enormous beasts. Eventually Pastryor falls, and Goragorall turns his attention to the stage. Goragorall attacks with an Ice Breath attack. He will either fire towards the bottom left or towards the bottom right. Eventually, the Zone Turrets will begin to fire on Goragorall, taking down the beast and restoring peace to Stormrock City.

Characters Appearing in StageEdit

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