The Fallen
The Fallen
The Fallen in his regular form
Franchise Brawl Legends
Voiced By Unknown
"This world shall be mine!"
—The Fallen

The Fallen is the main antagonist from Brawl Legends. Not much is known about his past, other than the fact that he was one of the most powerful warriors to ever live. Although he was defeated many years in the past, his last words claimed that "when the two realms collide, I will rise again!".

Connection to Crash-UpEdit

The Fallen appears in the stage, Floating. Sometime during the match, he will arrive through a portal and exclaim "This world shall be mine!" as he unleashes a massive stream of flames that take on the form of a large hydra, known as a Phoenix Hydra. The Fallen flies off-screen and leaves the Phoenix Hydra to attack the players. Near the end of the match, The Fallen will return and dispell the Phoenix Hydra as he begins to charge a large energy blast. However, before he can finish charging the attack, a flock of Flying Glares begins to assault him with their spheres, causing him to hit himself. The Fallen then retreats through the portal he arrived in.


  • The Fallen also appears in the story mode of LegendGames Entertainment's brawler, Brawl Super-Star Legends.
  • The Fallen is able to transform his body in a way that gives him a robot-like armor. He also possesses a high tolerance to pain, able to shrug off dismemberment without even a single flinch. He has regenerative properties, although if his body takes too much fatal damage, his regeneration will slow down and eventually halt itself entirely.
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