The Unstable
Unofficial Art
Franchise Klio (Franchise)
Voiced By N/A
The Unstable is a major character from the Klio universe, and the final boss of Klio II: Final Hours. In Toshiko Crash-Up, it appears in the Dojo stage.

Connections to Crash-UpEdit

  • The Unstable appears during the stage mash-up of the Dojo stage. A portal to The Void appears in the stage's background and sucks up most of the dojo, revealing The Unstable. The Unstable attacks with small homing eye beams and an eye beam. Before the match ends, Draco Tenshi will appear and use his scythe to repeatedly slash The Unstable, destroying it and returning the stage to the destroyed ruins of the dojo.


  • Draco destroying The Unstable by slashing it with his scythe is a reference to its defeat in Klio II: Final Hours, where Klio slashes it several times in the exact same fashion with his Zone Whip.
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