These are the various voice actors who provide the voices for characters in the game.

Playable CharactersEdit

Character Voice Actor
Goop ???
Wabbit ???
Klio ???
Fidlak Jatede N/A
Color-Robo N/A
Spiffy ???
Bruce Blake N/A
Jay Donovan ???
Bing ???
Wally Jackson ???
Tawnya ???
Nantres ???
Skin Daddy Drew Benner
Kappard ???
King Grex Justin Wolfe
Mysterious Shadow ???
Dr. Derwiff ???
Duke of Zorn ???
Emperor Kranos Justin Wolfe
Needleman ???
Frogrump ???
Elizabeth Bennett ???
Jack and Spooks ???
Ollie ???
Zookeeper Zane ???
T.E.D. ???
Gabriel Lupus ???
Lee Hatake Buddy Thompson

Non-Playable CharactersEdit

Character Voice Actor
Oracle ???
Party Pete ???
Jon Kurosaki ???





Nero Crescent Mark Bolding
Fishstick ???
Whalor ???
Cleoa ???
Wiggles ???
Snaptrap ???
Ernie the Pest ???
Benjamin Ethal ???
Greek Bust Unknown
Voice Actors
Drew Benner: Skin Daddy
Mark Bolding: Nero Crescent
Buddy Thompson: Lee Hatake
Justin Wolfe: King Grex | Emperor Kranos

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