West Wing
Unofficial Art
Primary Franchise St. Abraham
Secondary Franchise Game.exe
West Wing is a stage in Toshiko Crash-Up that is based on St. Abraham and Game.exe.

There is an achievement available if Jay Donovan uses his Crash-Attack, Wrath of the Hallowed, on this stage. The achievement is "Over Possessive".

Stage DescriptionEdit

The stage is set in the west wing of the St. Abraham Mental Institution. The stage consists of a grounded platform that stretches the stage bottom. Near the top of the stage is a thin platform that stretches the width, forming a "second floor" of the stage. There are two small floating platforms, one on either side of the stage, that can be used to reach the second floor. Nothing much happens in the St. Abraham phase of the stage; the only real hazard is a Cancer that will occasionally wander across the second floor, damaging any opponent she touches.

Sometime during the match, the background of the stage will change to a black void and the second story platform will disappear, leaving only the two floating platforms and the bottom tier. Sorrow, a monster from Game.exe, will appear from the background and periodically attack the fighters with its claws. It will also attack with glitches, manifesting as small clouds of static. Any player who touches these clouds will take damage until they get out. Eventually, the background will turn to static and then return to the hospital background before the match ends.

Characters Appearing in StageEdit

  • Cancer (St. Abraham)
  • The Blue Man (St. Abraham)
  • Sorrow (Game.exe)


  • The Blue Man from St. Abraham can be seen in a jail cell in the background.
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